The Importance of CHANGE at TUSD

------Fixing TUSD has become Tucson’s MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE------

TUSD has become a liability for Tucson with the District underperforming and more dollars spent outside the classroom than within the classroom. Fixing TUSD would mean:

  1. More graduates who are prepared for work or college;
  2. More companies willing to locate in Tucson because of an enhanced workforce;
  3. And more of our young people staying and prospering in Tucson.
Nothing that the City can do will make as much difference for Tucson as fixing TUSD!!!

------TUSD’s current board majority has the WRONG PRIORITIES------

Of TUSD’s 25 strategic priorities, six refer to diversity or cultural responsiveness, four refer to building brand and raising more money, but ONLY ONE refers to any standards for student achievement, and none refers to school climate or safety. This mismanagement causes the following:

  • TUSD’s classroom spending has declined steadily to under 48% of its budget.
  • TUSD administrators grew 36% from 2010 to 2014 with the Arizona Auditor General annually referring to TUSD’s abnormally high costs.
  • TUSD has had a “C” rating since State of Arizona ratings began.
  • By all of these criteria TUSD performs well below its peer large districts in Arizona. Yet it has the highest-paid superintendent in Arizona.
The market responds with one-third of the students who live in TUSD choosing not to attend TUSD schools and TUSD starting the current year with about a hundred teaching positions unfilled.

------Changing the TUSD Board will immediately TRANSFORM TUSD------

A new board majority would implement a 100-day plan to change TUSD. board would focus on two transformations:

Efficient and More Decentralized Management

Execute a thorough and professional review of the management structure in central administration, including the management recommendations of previous efficiency audits (which have been mostly ignored). Improve financial management and accountability, instead of draining the cash reserves, issuing late and laughably brief budget reports, and crippling the audit committee. Give schools more resources and flexibility in how they allocate those resources.

A Respectful Culture of High Expectations

Encourage a culture that respects students and improves their futures through higher expectations, while promoting a safe and productive learning environment through serious standards of conduct. Recognize that TUSD is a learning institution, not a social experiment, while showing zero tolerance for nepotism, favoritism, hidden conflicts of interest, and retaliation.

Please join us in CHANGING TUSD and visit this site soon to review the TUSD 100 DAY PLAN and see how you can help.